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Helpful linksEdit

About YomiEdit

Yomi rulesEdit

A PDF document that includes the "living" 1-page Yomi rules, quick-reference page, and the 5-page FAQ.

Find other playersEdit

Find Yomi players near you

A global list and map of Yomi players and their location. Feel free to post your details in the thread.

Player mentoring

Online Yomi communities

Play Yomi onlineEdit

For info about the dev server, or to report bugs or make suggestions, go to the Online Yomi development server thread.

Shuffling and sleeving Yomi cardsEdit

  • My Yomi (Complete Edition) setup by VirtualAlex
    • Video length: 3 minutes 39 seconds
    • An overview video of the sleeves and deck boxes VirtualAlex uses for his Yomi: Complete First Edition card decks, with info about Dragonshield card sleeves and KMC perfect fit and KMC non-perfect fit sleeves. Alex also has a thread where he shares some photos and info about where you can buy the sleeves and card boxes he used.

Print and play versionEdit

Ladder rankingEdit

Where you can buy YomiEdit

Yomi is playable:

Resources you can use while playingEdit


iOS appsEdit

Android appsEdit

Visual aidsEdit

  • Yomi card images by
    • A page that features images of every character's cards. [Expansion cards are currently text-only.]

Music Edit

  • Music Counterpicking thread by FenixOfTheAshes (a list of Yomi-appropriate music you can listen to while playing, as shared by Yomi players)

Glossaries (definitions of terms)Edit

  • [text goes here]

Articles and guidesEdit

General articlesEdit

Character overviewsEdit

  • [text goes here]

Articles about specific cardsEdit

  • [text goes here]

Character-specific articlesEdit

Base setEdit

  • (Outdated) WaterD's Guide to Grave by Waterd103
  • (Outdated) Knowing the opponent: A Guide To Grave by Shore



  • (Outdated) Taking the High Road - Jefferson DeGrey Overview by Candi


  • (Outdated) Voluptuous Creativity - A Valerie Rose Handbook by Bridger


  • (Outdated) Time Doesn't Work That Way! - A Geid to Geiger by JinSaotome



Shadows ExpansionEdit




  • [Guide Menelker, Deathstrike Dragon] by tipzntix
  • (Outdated) The Two Sides of Menelker by tipzntrix
  • (Outdated) The Introductory Guide to Menelker's Into Oblivion by RoyalLance
  • (Outdated) How To Play Around Menelker's AAAA by RoyalLance






Helpful posts and threads (that aren't quite articles)Edit

General topicsEdit

About the charactersEdit

What card would you play in this scenario?Edit

A resource to help you decide what to do when your opponent is knocked down.

Tier listsEdit

Written match reportsEdit

  • [text goes here]



Yomi introductions and explanationsEdit

  • [text goes here]

Shuffling and sleeving Yomi cardsEdit

  • [text goes here]

Match videosEdit

  • [text goes here]

Exhibition matches (with commentary from experienced players)Edit

  • [text goes here]


  • See the Reviews page for a list of written, video, and audio reviews of Yomi.

External linksEdit

  • Older versions of this document:



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