On this page you can find videos Yomi tournament matches and links to where you can find recordings of educational and casual Yomi matches.

Adding videos to this page Edit

Format Edit

  • Videos are sorted by character, so if a video features two different characters, that video will be posted under the respective headings for each character. For example, a tournament final match between Bob (Grave) vs Clair (Jaina) would be added to the Tournament final match list under both the Grave and Jaina headings.
  • When adding match videos to this page, please use this format (or see the lists below examples):

PlayerName#1 (Character they used) vs PlayerName#2 (Character they used) (additional information can go here between parentheses or <ref></ref> tags)

Educational matches Edit

Casual matches Edit

  • Rather than adding specific videos of casual matches (with or without commentary or annotations), add the channel it is featured on to the Video streams and channels page.

Tournament final matchesEdit

Base set characters Edit

Grave Edit

Yomi Edition 2

Player names and characters Tournament name

Video link(s)

Player1 (Lum) vs Player 2 (Geiger)

Yomi Edition 1

Player names and characters Tournament name

Video link(s)

Player1 (Lum) vs Player 2 (Geiger)

Jaina Edit

Midori Edit

Setsuki Edit

Rook Edit

DeGrey Edit

Valerie Edit

Geiger Edit

Lum Edit

Argagarg Edit

Shadows Expansion Characters Edit

Matches with instructive commentary Edit

Yomi Edition 2

See Getting Good at Yomi (video series)
Yomi Edition 1
See Yomicast.

Casual matches Edit

See Video streams and channels.

See alsoEdit


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