A community is defined by it's heroes and leaders—or, in the case of a competitive game, it's tournament champions, regular tournament organisers and participants, and community contributors.

This page documents and describes notable people from the Yomi community.

To respect people's privacy, please use people's forum name / Yomi player name, unless their current forum name is their real name.

Tournament players Edit

For a full list of tournaments, see Tournaments

People who have placed first in tournaments and leagues Edit

Name Period active Events they placed first in Relevant links
Eric F
  • Fantasy Strike Expo 2014 Yomi tournament
  • Zen-fami-kyoukai - Yomi tournament 5[4]
  • Waterd's weekly tournament 1 [5]
  • Waterd's weekly tournament 3[6]
  • Waterd's weekly tournament 2[7]
  • Waterd's weekly tournament 4[8]
  • SE Tournament (May 2015)[9]

Other notable tournament or league players or contributors Edit

Name Period active What makes them notable Relevant links
People who created tournament videos, write-ups, or similar content Various contributions, which can be found, along with their names, on the Tournaments page (see the write-ups and videos column).


Tournament organisers Edit

For a list of tournament organisers, see the Tournaments page.

Community contributors Edit

Name Period active What makes them notable Relevant links
  • Administrates the forums
Everyone who created Yomi guides and resources Their contributions, which can be found, along with their names, at:
Bruce 2011 and on
Zalxixmavon Created, co-founded, and make significant contributions to the Yomi wiki
Qubitsu 2011 Co-founder of the Yomi wiki[10] who helped develop visuals for the wiki character pages.[11]
2011 Early contributors to the formation of the Yomi wiki[10]. Yomi wiki inception thread
Fisheatcorn 2011 Creator of Yomicast
Blinky 2011 – 2012 Significant contributor to Yomicast
Swiffle 2011 and on Recorded and uploaded Yomicast
Wobberjacky 2011 and on Created and maintained the Yomi player finder thread (version 1)
dzebra Created and maintained the Helpful posts for Yomi players thread (Yomi resources index version 2)
Bob199 Created and maintained the Yomi player finder 2.0 thread
Snail Racer Made significant contributions to, and succeeded Zalxixmavon as an admin of, the Yomi wiki [12]
CKR Created and maintained the Yomi media links post
Titus_Neighbors(Kasumi) More information on the Events page

YOMI DIVER stall page

  • Organised and hosted the YOMI DIVER event in Japan [13]
  • Yuumu Shigure created art at the YOMI DIVER event.[20], including a " Valerie-chan Kawaii KD marker" [21]
Members of the forum staff [22]
AXEL_F Created the Japanese Yomi Wiki[23]
SIN_1024 Worked on the Japanese translation for the online version of Yomi [23]
Zejety Helped with the German reference cards in the online version of Yomi[24]
Noahtheduke Creator, moderator, and steward of the Fantasy Strike reddit subreddit
sharpobject Promoted and ran the Yomi side tournament at the 2015 Evolution tournament event.
Garcia1000 Grandmaster educational troll, purposeful trouble maker, and maintainer of the fun-loving'ness of the community Do a forum search for "ethical"

Other people Edit

Anyone who doesn't fit in the above categories.

Name Period active What makes them notable Relevant links

Also see Edit

External links Edit

References Edit

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